HorseSaving.com is THE central resource hub for equestrians.

The horse world is full of questions: Where do I find more info on riding? Where can I save money on tack? What is thrush? Where can I adopt a horse? How can I learn more? We will help you find the answers!

Our Story

It all began with a simple combination of ideas. A few years ago, I stumbled on an amazing tack sale followed by a trunk sale that had some serious steal-deals. In the aftermath, I realized paying full price for horse goods wasn't necessary. In fact, sale prices became the norm and steal-deals became the sought after golden ticket. Many equestrian items retain their value in resale because, quite often, you get what you pay for in reliable horse brands. I became adept at finding steal-deals online, no longer content to pay full price.

Within certain horse circles, I earned a reputation as a deal finder. Easy to do online...if one has the time...one thing horse people tend to not have. So I thought to myself, there must to be a site dedicated to helping horse people save money and time. But I couldn't find one that was both comprehensive and easy to use. By golly, I decided I ought to create one. HorseSaving.com was born.

But then I thought, wait...HorseSaving...that sounds an awful lot like saving horses, like horse rescue. Hmmm. Well, it just so happens that I used to be involved with horse rescue. I figured, why couldn't the site also have something to do with that? In past internet searches, I had noticed the lack of a centralized site as a resource for horse rescue and other pertinent horse-related issues such as wild horse programs, racing, retirement, and PMU mares. Aha! I thought. This could be it!

But wait, there's more. 

I figured the best way to SAVE HORSES is through better knowledge, understanding, and care. So, why not provide links and resources for that as well?

The trifecta of HorseSaving.com was born: 1) Saving horses through better care and education, 2) helping directly save horses' lives through rescues and unabashedly approaching sensitive horse topics, and 3) saving horse people money and time so that they may have more money and time to educate themselves, save horses' lives, and be with their own horses! Voila! HorseSaving! 

"You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours!" My two boys being adorable.