Amy Rise Infinity, Equine Consultant 

~Equine Infinity, LLC~

Providing resources, connectivity, & assistance for all matters equine.


What I Do

As an Equine Consultant, I help. Simply put, that is my primary function. I do so working with all skill levels and all disciplines, horse and human, for all breeds, and in all facets of the horse world. I am an equine facilitator, devoted to working my hardest to making life easier in all matters equine. My job is to assist in the realization of your horse goals and dreams.

My services, listed under this link, cover many different areas of the horse experience, promoting an overall attitude of positivity while tackling, with you, such undertakings as the careful process of selecting your horse partner, the delicate dance of growing this relationship through better understanding and care, the rewarding challenge of finding the right aids in making your lives more communicative and fluid, and helping you in your adventure toward learning more about horses through riding, handling, traveling, and more. Whether you are in the market for finding an equine partner, searching for tack, or simply trying to deepen your connection and knowledge of horses, you have now found an easier way.

If you are a horse owner, I am most interested in the well being of your horse, you, and your relationship with your horse. If you are new to this world, I am interested in your safe, comfortable entry into the equine realm. 

I am a horse listener and an advocate for better horsemanship and, to me, this means having the right mindset in approaching anything involving them. They can be the key to understanding ourselves and much about the world around us. We owe it to them to invest in understanding them. In this, I hope I might help.

I still have a lot to learn and always will. I believe the best horse people are always learning. So it is with humility I offer my experience and assistance in broadening your equine horizons. If I do not have the answers you seek, I will gladly help you find who does. I would be honored to be your Equine Consultant.