Horse Rescue

Horse rescue has become an issue of great importance as well as debate. Some states have animal cruelty laws that disallow mistreatment or neglect of any animal, including horses, some with the legal consequence being equal to that of child neglect or abuse. Other states have vague definitions of animal neglect or abuse and classify horses as livestock, thus treating them as commodities instead of pets. 

The term "horse rescue" has, in some circles, sadly acquired a negative connotation, just as the terms "animal rights" and "conservation" have. This reputation is the result of a combination of factors, namely horse industry profiteers squaring off with animal rights advocates. Any little ounce of control or regulation, to many horse business advocates, trips a wire for a slippery slope leading to lesser profits and a change of lifestyle. Some rescues have not helped, particularly well-meaning self-proclaimed rescues, intervening inappropriately instead of seeking legal avenues, adding fuel to the negative fire. 

Ultimately, this website is in support of horse rescue and what it stands for - rescuing horses - although acknowledges other industries that utilize horses as a part of an industry. That said, supports utilizing horses humanely and fully recognizes the need for changes in many states' laws regarding horse treatment, care, and ownership. Horse ownership is a very large responsibility. All horse owners and handlers need to live up to this responsibility. Respect and gratitude to the organizations who's mission it is to ensure this. The following is a non-exhaustive list of horse rescue resources.